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How can I get my puppy used to going to the vet?

By Claire Hargrave - BSc(Hons), MSc, PGCE, C Sci, C Chem, MRSC, DAS(CABC), CCAB | 27 November 2018 |
A puppy being given a pill by a doctor

Your vet will be an important person in your puppy’s life, so it pays to start the relationship on a positive footing and keep it that way. Here are some top tips to make your puppy’s vet visits calm and stress-free, from the very first time Mock exams Try to get your puppy used to being physically handled before their first vet visit. This will help the vet by allowing him or her to do a thorough examination without the puppy becoming nervous or stressed. Get your puppy used to…

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How can I make my puppy feel comfortable going to the vets?

By Jenny Freeth (RVN) | 12 November 2018 |
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