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What are the most popular puppy names?

Laura Pugh BVM&S CertAVP MRCVS
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Choosing a name for your dog can be the result of hours of deliberation or decided by the toss of a coin or even a family vote! As the UK’s number 1 pet insurer, we insure a lot of puppies and we see a lot of puppy names. In fact, we’ve insured dogs with over 50,000 different names since the year 2000!

As with baby names, a table of popular puppy names is an interesting way of seeing where your chosen name sits or can even help you decide. If you are yet to name your puppy then have a look at the most popular dog names from 2017 in the table below. Whether you look for safety in numbers or want to buck the trends, this table will make interesting reading;

1 – Bella

2 – Poppy

3 – Teddy

4 – Luna

5 – Buddy

6 – Lola

7 – Bailey

8 – Alfie

9 – Daisy

10 – Milo

Trending names

New Moon Rising!

10 years ago Luna languished just inside the top 200 as the 194th most common name with only 26 policies taken out for a dog named Luna. Fast forwards to 2017 and Luna is the 4th most popular dog name! We welcomed over 1,000 Lunas to Petplan in 2017.

Enduringly popular

Poppy is the most consistently popular name, Poppy was the 2nd most popular name in 2007 and while other names have come and gone, Poppy remains the 2nd most popular name in 2017. In fact, Poppy has proved the most popular name over the past 5 years.

Fading classics 

The names Sam and Ben are classics but they’re on the wane. 10 years ago both were comfortably inside the top 30 most popular names, however, by 2017 they had both slipped well outside the top 100, with Sam 123rd and Ben 157th.

Laura Pugh BVM&S CertAVP MRCVS

Laura grew up in Reading and qualified from Edinburgh Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in 2009. She has worked with all sorts of animals big and small in Reading, Dover and Nottingham and is now working with pets in Derby at White Cross Vets. She has a particular interest in exotic pets and has a Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Medicine with a bias to exotic pets and also performs veterinary acupuncture.

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