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Common behavioural problems

A puppy walking on its lead
No matter how adorable and cuddly your puppy is there are times when his or her behaviour can be downright baffling. So what's the solution? Helping your puppy to learn good habits that he or she can take into their adult years is key. Below are 6 common issues and ...
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Socialising your puppy

Four husky puppies with their owners
Each year, tens of thousands of puppies are not adequately socialised, causing many serious behaviour problems which are difficult to address later on. The most impressionable age for a puppy – and where the temperament is mainly formed – is between five and twelve weeks of age. Here are some ...
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Key jobs to be done

A long hair Dacshund in its bed
Once you have chosen your puppy, it is important to make plans for his transition to your home. This will help reduce any extra stress caused by his new surroundings and give him the best start in his new life. Here are some basic guidelines for you to follow. The ...
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How to prevent puppy theft

A puppy offfering its paw to its owner
While still relatively uncommon, dog theft is on the rise and a concern for many puppy owners. Rest assured there are steps you can take to prevent this. Tips to keep your precious puppy safe: Tip #1 - Keep garden fences secure to avoid your dog escaping and to prevent ...
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What you must do if your puppy is stolen

A puppy about to be stolen by a robber
Puppy theft is relatively uncommon, but if your puppy is stolen here are the steps you should take. What you should... Step #1 - Report the theft to the police, ensuring you get a Crime Reference number and insist that your dog is recorded as stolen and not missing. Step ...
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Collecting your puppy

A puppy licking a little child
Collecting your puppy is an exciting time for all the family, but it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you absorb all the information you will need to give your puppy the best start in its new home: Tip #1 - When you collect the puppy, it is best ...
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What makes a good breeder?

A bitch feeding her puppies
Dog breeding is a very specialised area. This is why it is so important that, if you get your puppy from a breeder, you choose a reputable one. Good breeders will carefully choose a brood bitch or stud dog based on the quality relating to the breed standard, breed lines (ancestors ...
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Questions to ask your breeder?

A bitch with her three puppies
It is important that if you get your puppy from a breeder, you choose a reputable one. Here is a list of the key things to ask your breeder. Things to ask your breeder *  Be prepared to put your name on a waiting list for a litter to be ...
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Feeding and exercise for your new puppy

A puppy eating food of the floor
The first days with a new puppy is wonderfully exciting but many new owners can feel a little daunted by the new responsibility. Feeding and exercise are important for your new family member. Feeding Feed your puppy at regular intervals (at least four times) throughout the day. Some puppies may ...
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