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Top tips for toilet training

A puppy wrapped in toilet roll
Toilet training is one of the first things your puppy needs to learn as they settle into their new surroundings. It can be tiring with late nights and early starts but it’s worth taking the trouble to get into a good routine and pro-actively teaching and rewarding your puppy so ...
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What do I need to consider when travelling with my puppy?

A puppy swimming whilst on holiday
Taking your puppy away with you can make a trip complete – but forgetting something vital can cause real issues! We’ve compiled a list of travel items that are essential if you’re taking your puppy with you on your break. Whether you’re camping or heading for a pet-friendly hotel, within ...
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When is it safe for my puppy to go outside?

A puppy holding a ball in its mouth
Your puppy’s first adventures outdoors, initially in the safety of a garden and then into the big wide world, are exciting times for you both. You can’t take your puppy outside into public spaces until they have had their second set of vaccinations, but you can introduce them to the ...
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Which parasites could affect my puppy?

A puppy itching itself
Puppies can suffer from parasite problems, so it’s crucial to start a regular prevention regime as soon as possible. Here is a reminder of the most common parasitic infections and how to manage them. Fleas Tiny, brown-black adult fleas feed from your puppy by sucking its blood. Besides causing your ...
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Why is play important for my puppy?

Two puppies playing with a piece of rope
Play has an important role in a puppy’s physical health and mental development. Young mammals play to prepare for adulthood, so it’s assumed that leaping fawns are learning to race away from danger, and that the kitten who pounces, bats and chases is getting ready to stalk and catch mice, ...
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Worming your puppy

A puppy recieving a flea jab
Prevention and treatment The simplest way to avoid infection is with a preventative worming treatment. Puppies should be dewormed every two weeks until they are around 12 to 14 weeks old, and then once a month as they grow older. Good hygiene in and around the home also helps, so ...
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Feeding tips for your growing puppy

A puppy eating out of its feeding bowl
There’s plenty of information for feeding young puppies, but what about a growing young dog? Here are some key questions to help take the guesswork out of mealtimes. Breed maturity Puppies have different nutritional requirements to adult dogs, so it’s important to ensure that your dog is on the right ...
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Everything you need to know about ticks

A photo of a tick after being extracted from a puppy
What are ticks? Ticks are parasites and belong to the same family as spiders. They vary in size from about 1mm to 1cm. They attach themselves to your dog’s skin. If left, they will stay on your pet for around five days, they swell up when they feed. When full ...
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Do I need to be dominant with my puppy?

A puppy playing with a ball with its owner
Flawed research Until about 20 years ago, it was generally believed that the best way to train your dog was by using the theory of dominance. It was thought that you needed to show your dog who was 'boss' right from the start, and that you had to maintain that ...
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