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Puppy first aid

A puppy standing alongside a first aid kit
No matter how vigilant you are as caring owners, your puppy can get into all kinds of scrapes, some of them serious. That’s why a little pet first aid knowledge can be a life saver, literally. Why is it so important that we, as puppy owners, learn first aid? As ...
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Puppy’s first few days

A cute puppy enjoying its new home
That brilliant moment when you finally collect the puppy you’ve been dreaming about is here! But you wouldn’t be the first person to find it a little daunting. Don’t worry, there’s plenty you can do to help the first few days run smoothly. Meet the family Dogs are social beings ...
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Reading your puppy’s body language

We know how important body language is in communication between humans, so as your puppy can’t speak to you, it is even more important to understand what your puppy’s body language is telling you. Understanding your puppy’s signals is not always easy, but here we look at four key stances ...
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Should I feed my puppy dry or tinned food?

A puppy sitting alongside its feeding bowl
Wet or dry? It can be difficult to know which type of food to give your puppy. To help take the confusion out of feeding. The following questions and answers can help take the confusion out of feeding. Q: Which is better for puppies, tinned or dry food? A:  There is ...
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Should I get my puppy microchipped?

A puppy looking very innocent
We all want to keep our puppy’s safe, microchipping and registering plays an important role in this, it’s also a legal requirement of dog ownership. Sadly the owners of around 55,000 found dogs can’t be identified every year. By law, you must have your name and address on your dog’s ...
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Should I use a halti, a harness or a lead?

A puppy wearing a harness
Halti The halti should only be used as a last resort, if at all. Although this type of lead does allow greater control over a dog by exerting pressure on their muzzle, it can be easy to accidently ‘jerk’ a puppy while using it on walks. If this is done ...
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The essential puppy shopping list

Two puppies playing outdoors
Preparing for your puppy’s arrival is an exciting time, here is a list of things you should consider buying to make sure you are ready for the big day Essential items you’ll need before bringing your puppy home Blanket and bedding Cosy bed Crate or puppy pen (if you intend ...
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Things to consider when using a boarding kennel

A puppy being crate trained
If you are going away, you may need to find someone to take care of your puppy. Trusting someone with your precious 4-legged companion may be more difficult than you first think and can often stir up mixed emotions. Boarding kennels can provide a great solution, providing you with peace ...
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Top tips for recall training

A puppy with a tennis ball in its mouth
Dogs of all ages have a tendency to think being off the lead means a completely free rein so it’s crucial that your puppy learns to come back when called. This vital skill will help avoid accidents such as your puppy running into the road or other dangerous places. You ...
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