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How do I make walks safe and fun?

A puppy looking up at its owner whilst out on a walk
Walks are one of the great pleasures of dog ownership, but keeping things enjoyable for both you and your pet is a learning curve. It’s not as simple as putting a lead on your companion and heading out, there are all manner of things to be considered to ensure that you ...
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How do vaccinations help my puppy?

Vaccinating your puppy will provide invaluable protection against several diseases he or she is likely to be exposed to. This five most serious dog diseases are: Canine distemper Virus - a virus with no known cure. Infectious Canine Hepatitis - which usually affects dogs less than two years old. Leptospirosis - a bacterial ...
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How much exercise does my puppy need?

Two puppies playing outside on top of a hill
Exercise will keep your puppy fit and healthy, if you follow a few rules. Puppies need daily exercise, so the more you can do to make it interesting and varied, the more you’ll both enjoy it. Change your walking route from time to time, and let your puppy experience a ...
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How much sleep does my puppy need?

A puppy sleeping on a mat
We’re all fascinated by the mysteries of sleep. It’s certainly an online obsession – YouTube has 1,000’s of videos of people, dogs and even a budgie dozing. Despite years of research, scientists are mostly still in the dark about why we and our pets need to sleep, or what goes ...
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How to give your puppy a regular health check

A puppy being held by its owner
It’s important to give your puppy regular health checks so they are used to being examined in case they do need veterinary attention. Becoming familiar with your puppy’s body will also help you know what is normal for them and may provide an early warning if anything is wrong. It ...
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How to stop your puppy biting

A puppy nipping at the ankles of its owner
Play-biting can be almost an unnoticed phase with some puppies, but for many owners, mouthing and play-biting can be a serious and painful problem that can escalate rapidly rather than improve of its own accord. You may be the owner of a puppy with a tendency to chew – on ...
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Is night crying normal and how can I prevent it?

A puppy barking
Night crying can be a completely normal puppy behaviour, but it may leave many owners upset, frustrated and possibly feeling as though they must be doing something wrong. Thankfully it usually doesn’t last long. Time, patience, and empathy for all the changes your puppy is experiencing are the best way ...
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Keep puppies safe and happy in summer heat

A puppy sitting on a garden bench
Summer is a great time to be out and about with your puppy and there is lots to see and do. However, the warm weather can cause sometimes cause discomfort so it’s important to know how to help your puppy enjoy sunny days safely: 1. Play water games Stay cool ...
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Looking after your puppy’s teeth

A puppy having its teeth checked
It’s important to start good dental habits early to help maintain healthy teeth. Ideally, you should brush your puppy’s teeth every day, which will also help to prevent painful gum inflammation, tooth loss and infections later in life. Build positive associations The first step is getting your puppy used to ...
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