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Garden and outdoor dangers

A puppy running in a meadow
Puppies seem to love eating things they shouldn’t in the house, and being outdoors is no different. From scavaging scraps, to eating slugs, snails or even poo, there are many garden and outdoor dangers which can impact your puppy's health. A dirty issue As disgusting as it may seem, some puppies ...
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Help, my puppy has fleas!

A puppy scratching itself
Flea infestations can happen even in the most spotless home or on the healthiest, cleanest puppy. However, you can control this irritating aspect of owning a puppy. What are fleas? Fleas are tiny, parasitic wingless insects. They have tube-like mouths adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood from the animals, ...
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How can I crate train my puppy?

A puppy in a crate
Many owners feel worried about persuading their new puppy to sleep in a dog crate as they think of it as a 'cage'.  However, crates can actually help a young dog to feel more secure as they come to see it not only as a bed of their own, but ...
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How can I get my puppy used to going to the vet?

A puppy being given a pill by a doctor
Your vet will be an important person in your puppy’s life, so it pays to start the relationship on a positive footing and keep it that way. Here are some top tips to make your puppy’s vet visits calm and stress-free, from the very first time Mock exams Try to ...
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How can I give my puppy medicine?

A puppy having its temperature taken with a thermometer
Getting your puppy to take their medicine can often be tricky, but here are some top tips for making it stress free for both you and your four-legged friend. Giving your puppy tablets with food Firstly, check with your vet to see whether the prescribed tablets can be given with ...
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How can I take a great photo of my puppy?

A puppy having its photo taken on a smartphone
Much like children, puppies grow fast and most owners want to have memories to look back on to remind themselves just how small their four-legged companion once was. However, you may find capturing a good photo is harder than you think with a restless pup and endless distractions! The good ...
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