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Reading your puppy’s body language

By Claire Hargrave - BSc(Hons), MSc, PGCE, C Sci, C Chem, MRSC, DAS(CABC), CCAB | 27 November 2018 |

We know how important body language is in communication between humans, so as your puppy can’t speak to you, it is even more important to understand what your puppy’s body language is telling you. Understanding your puppy’s signals is not always easy, but here we look at four key stances to recognise and advise on how to react when you see them. Uncomfortable Ears flat, tail down, dog panting, blinking or raising paw These are signs your pet is uncomfortable and could escalate into growling or biting. Take your puppy…

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Socialising your puppy

By Ross McCarthy - MA FCFBA MBIPDT MGoDT (MT) AMBPSCA | 13 November 2018 |
Four husky puppies with their owners

Each year, tens of thousands of puppies are not adequately socialised, causing many serious behaviour problems which are difficult to address later on. The most impressionable age for a puppy – and where the temperament is mainly formed – is between five and twelve weeks of age. Here are some top tips for getting your puppy prepared to socialise well with others and make plenty of friends. Before Vaccinations Even before your puppy is allowed to physically be around other dogs, there are things you can do to ease them…

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What are separation problems and how to avoid them?

By Inga MacKellar - MSc | 13 November 2018 |
An owner giving her puppy a hug

Most puppies learn to cope when their owners go to work, but for some dogs being left alone can result in problematic behaviours developing that need to be tackled. What are separation problems? Dogs are social animals and when left alone they can become destructive, wee and poo indoors, excessively salivate, pant and pace or bark and howl. Whilst this can sometimes be due to a true separation anxiety, there can be a variety of reasons for these behaviours. Dogs that are under exercised or under stimulated may be bored…

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Socialising your puppy – Part 2

By Petplan | 13 November 2018 |
Two puppies being cheeky with a hat

At 8 weeks we started to introduce the idea of “socialising” your puppy with the big wide world. This is an exciting part of your puppy’s development for both you and them, everything is new and this is your opportunity to help them understand what’s going on in their surroundings. It’s important that your puppy learns about the places and things they will normally see, your house, the local park, maybe local shops and all the people and other animals they will meet regularly. In addition to this it’s also…

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How do I discourage my puppy from barking at other dogs and strangers?

By Nick Jones (MA) | 12 November 2018 |
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